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June 2000

Wow! A ThinkPad in the May Raffle

Edwin Black Was the Generous Contributor

SCOUG members were more than pleasantly surprised at the last meeting with the appearance of an historical ThinkPad in the raffle. Shock, amazement, and even lust are probably more accurate descriptions of how people reacted.

The ThinkPad was donated by former OS/2 Professional magazine publisher Edwin Black. The ThinkPad 701C (Butterfly!) was taken up to Mount Sinai in Israel, and used in the writing of Black's hot "fictional" novel Format C:, a telling of the battle between good and evil, seen by many as telling a story of Microsoft's Windows vs. OS/2. The book, which sold out its initial printing, is available in paperback.

Black has donated numerous other items to SCOUG in the past. As always, we were most appreciative of this donation. The lucky winner of the laptop was Melanie Chernoy.