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Pictures from Sept. 1999

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The Southern California OS/2 User Group

June 2000

The President's Message

by Steve Schiffman

I am writing this column shortly after returning from WarpTech 2000 in Phoenix, Arizona. Thirteen SCOUG members were in attendance arriving by car, plane motorcycle and bicycle. Five members gave session presentations. SCOUG invited everyone out to the Rawhide Western Town and Rodeo on Saturday night. We sold out our stage coach transportation with 5 additional cars taking passengers. A good time was had by all.

We took a few pictures

The Wigwam convention facilities were great and an easy walk from everyone's rooms on the resort grounds. You can say we had a hot time at WarpTech. This can be attested to by our car's outside temperature readout when we left Sunday evening at 6 PM. Only 112 degrees rising to 116. It finally cooled off by 9:30 PM when the outside temperature dropped below 100 degrees. It was a good thing that the air conditioning was working.

I was selected to participate in the Warped Jeopardy! session to compete with Bill Schindler representing POSSI and Wayne Swanson representing VOICE. They where awesome competition. Trying to remember the correct answers, and remembering to phrase the answer as a question, when you have the spotlight shining on you is no easy task. Those icons sure look different when blown up 2000%. That or I use the command line too much!

The next OS/2 conference will be Warpstock 2000 in Philadelphia on September 9-10. This is the 4th annual gathering of OS/2 users and vendors from around the world for the purpose of education and advocacy. Check the Warpstock web site for details.

Now on to some SCOUG specific items. At our August meeting, we are planning a PIG SIG, a BBQ picnic lunch, substituting for our normal GIG and Programing SIGs. More information will follow at the June and July meetings and in the next newsletter. As announced last month, the on-line IRC Help Desk chat has been moved to Wednesday evenings at 7 PM Pacific Time. If you need help about OS/2 Warp software, hardware, applications and networking or would like to assist answering other peoples questions, please come join the discussion on the #SCOUG channel at This chat channel is provided to us by Suntrix Systems, We thank them for their support.