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June 2000

 Dear Mr. Know-It-All 

Mr. Know-It-All has the answers to even the really tough questions.

Q.  Dear Mr. Know-It-All,

I want to run Real Player 7. How do I do this?

A.  The Odin team is making excellent progress. Mr. KIA has Real Player 7 running under Odin and can use Real Player 7 as a Netscape Helper. He is building from the CVS source tree and complaining to the team when things do not work correctly. You will probably want to use the binary Daily Builds.

Go to to get a feel for the scope and status of the project.

You will need to install Odin, set up a working environment and install Real Player 7.

To install Odin go to and download the newest daily build. The builds come in various flavors:

  • odin32bin-yyyymmdd-release.wpi
where yyyymmdd is the build date. The wpi install kits require the WarpIn installer. I prefer the zip kits. If you are going to give the Odin team feedback, use the debug build. Otherwise use the release build. It runs faster.

To install the zip kit, create a directory on an HPFS driver (i.e. D:\Odin in my case) and unzip the kit with the commands:

d: cd \Odin unzip zipfile where zip is the name of the Daily Build zip file you have chosen.

To set up a working environment, you need to adjust PATH and LIBPATH. You can issue the following commands:

SET PATH=D:\ODIN\SYSTEM32;%PATH% SET BEGINLIBPATH=D:\ODIN\SYSTEM32 If you are using the debug build and you want logs, add: SET WIN32LOG_ENABLED=1 To make these setting permanent, update CONFIG.SYS to match these settings.

To install RealPlayer, go to and download a copy of the Win32 Real Player install kit:


This is an InstallShield application. Run the installer using the command:

pe rp7-setup.exe Install to a directory on an HPFS drive (i.e. D:\Real\RealPlayer in my case). I suggest turning off all the preference options until you get your installation is stabilized.

After Real Player is installed, run it with the command:

pe d:\Real\RealPlayer\RealPlay.exe You should be able to play the local samples and via the Internet. If you have any problems, contact me at or on the Wednesday evening IRC Help Desk on on #scoug.

Curious or in doubt, you can ask Mr. Know-It-All
OS/2 is his specialty and sharing solutions is his passion
Mr. Know-It-All lives in Southern California.