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The Southern California OS/2 User Group

September 2000


by Gary Wong

Updates from last month's column:

For those of you who like to play with alpha or beta versions of software, the M17 build of Mozilla (the successor to Netscape 4.61) is now available as of 08/25/2000. Use search key warpz on Hobbes. Known bugs are at Screenshots are at

For those of you who use eBay, eBayWatch/2 version 0.10a is now available. It is an eBay auction management tool. Go to

The program UpdCD (a.k.a. cdupd) was updated to version 0.6 as of 08/17/2000. It now has support for Feature Installer 1.25, Netscape 4.61, Java 1.1.x, and TCP/IP 4.x. With UpdCD you can incorporate public FixPaks into your Warp 4 installation CD. This allows you to install a Y2K-compliant Warp 4 on systems with large hard disks right from this CD. Look for on Hobbes, or go to

InCharge has been updated on 08/16/2000 to version 1.02.68. Go to

This month's new listings - Drivers:

SciTech Display Doctor is now at beta 32 as of 08/03/2000. Go to (a self-extracting executable). A list of changes is at; the main SciTech page is at

IBM has updated the GRADD video driver to version 0.83 as of 08/15/2000. Go to

Video drivers for the S3 Savage series cards (version 7.00.20) and the S3 Virge series cards (version 2.00.01) are now at Hobbes as of 08/08/2000. Use search keys savage and virge, respectively.

There is a beta driver for Trident 9680 video cards. Look for on Hobbes.

iHPFS version 1.29 has been released as of 07/28/2000. It is a read-only HPFS driver for DOS. Go to

Daniela Engert has released DaniS506 version 1.3.2 and DaniATAPI version 0.3.1 as of 08/25/2000. Use search keys danis & dania on Hobbes, respectively.

IBM has also updated on 08/17/2000 the IDEDASD drivers, which includes an updated OS2CDRDOM.DMD, even for those using DaniS506 & DaniATAPI. Go to

IBM has also updated on 08/15/2000 some PCMCIA drivers for Dell Latitude laptops. Go to

There is now a driver for mice with "wheels" (IBM ScrollPoint Mouse, Microsoft IntelliMouse, and the Logitech MouseMan+), as of 06/21/2000. Go to

This month's new listings - Applications:

IBM has released on 08/08/2000 a fix for Warp 4 FixPak 14. It is at The file is KRNL0809.ZIP, and the readme file is KRNL0809.TXT. More information about FixPak 14 bugs is at

IBM has released on 08/02/2000 a fix for JFS (Journaled File System) for Warp Server for e-Business. Go to There are two files: E001SMPT.ZIP for SMP systems, and E001UNIT.ZIP for non-SMP systems. Unzip to a temporary directory with the -d parameter.

IBM has released a fix for TCP/IP 4.3 as of 08/14/2000. Go to (TCP/IP 4.3 is only available from Software Choice if you have a current Software Choice subscription).

IBM has released a fix for Java 1.1.8 as of 08/25/2000. Go to WARNING: according to Steve Wendt (, there may be some keyboard problems related to this fix.

For those of you who like to play with beta versions of software, IBM has updated the Java 1.3 Preview Edition (a.k.a. Java 2) as of 08/16/2000. However, you must have a current Software Choice subscription. Go to

The "in-development" version of Apache 2.0 has been updated as of 08/06/2000 for those who want to try out the new features. It offers big performance improvements due to multi-threading and elimination of some emx dependencies. Go to Also available is the stable Apache version 1.3.12; information is at; download it at

For those of you with digital cameras: an alpha version of gphoto2 was released on 07/31/2000. It currently has a command-line only interface; check the "camlist" to see if your camera is supported. Go to Also available is a XFree86/OS2 port of gphoto 0.4.3, the GNU digital camera image transfer program. It supports over 150 camera models of 19 different makes. Go to

There is now a GUI front-end called PM PMSI (as of 07/10/2000) for the text-mode PSI Utilities for Psion handhelds. Go to Information about the PSI Utilities is at

Java Pilot Desktop, a Java program for interfacing with the Palm Pilot, has been updated as of 08/14/2000 to version 0.9491. Go to

For registered DBExpert version 2.x users: the free update to version 2.0.9 was released on 08/07/2000. Go to

XWorkplace (which was mentioned in Part 3 of Gary Granat's series on Seeking Ways to Get Rid of System Bloat), is now at version 0.9.4 as of 08/09/2000. As Gary mentioned in another article in the Aug. 2000 OS/2 For You, it requires WarpIN for the installation. Go to

If you missed the Aug. 2000 SCOUG general meeting, all is not lost. Data Representations has released Simplicity for Java version 1.2.1 as of 07/28/2000. Go to

Chris Graham has released the 16th CSD for the Graham Utilities for OS/2 version 2.00 as of 08/22/2000. This CSD is cumulative, and makes the version number 2.10.6 as a result. A new feature added is the Task Manager. Go to He reports that the CSD can be applied not only manually, but also via IBM's RSU method, or for Warp 3 users, via the "Retrieve Software Updates" method (which was the way to update parts of the Internet Access Kit).

A new test version of GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program), billed as THE PhotoShop for Linux, was released on 08/21/2000. Test version 1.1.25 is at The stable version 1.0.2 is at

Ever been given a hard time by someone because you forgot their birthday? Well, look for GebtagPM version 2.48 (07/13/2000) at The author also has some other small OS/2 applications here.

MR/2 ICE has been updated as of 08/21/2000 to version 2.20. Go to

Interested in something particular you don't find here? Let Gary know.