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October 2000

 Dear Mr. Know-It-All 

Mr. Know-It-All has the answers to even the really tough questions.

Q.  Dear Mr. Know-It-All,

I've been running Warp for a long time. I am finally ready to set up a Peer network. Every time I start the Peer install, it fails while installing MPTS. I already shortened all the CONFIG.SYS lines to less than 256 characters. What's wrong?

A.  You have probably updated MPTS for the 32-bit TCP/IP stack. The Peer installer can not cope with this. Run \CID\IMG\IBMPEER\PEERRMT from the Warp 4.0 CD. When it prompts to update MPTS, say "no."

Q.  Dear Mr. Know-It-All,

I've want to put shadows of some of the online books on the Desktop and give them better titles. Can I do this without changing the file name?

A.  You can not do this directly from the Workplace Shell (WPS). When you change the title of a file system object, the WPS also changes the file name. However, you can set up your own program object to do this with a bit of REXX. If a file system object has a .LONGNAME Extended Attribute the WPS displays this as the object title. Otherwise it displays the file name. REXX makes it easy to read and write Extended Attributes.

Wrap the following snippet in some of your own REXX code:

szFileName = you set this szTitle = you set this szType = 'FDFF'x /* text = xFFFD */ c = length(szTitle) szLen = d2c(c // 256)d2c(trunc(c / 256)) szEA = szType||szLen||szTitle call SysPutEA szFileName, '.LONGNAME', szEA if RESULT \= 0 then say 'SysPutEA' szFullName 'failed('RESULT')'

Your code will need to set up the filename and title variables. The filename variable should come from the command line. The title should come from the command line or by prompting the user.

Once you get the code working, create a Program Object on the Desktop for the REXX script and you can drop items on this object. The REXX code will pick up the filename from the command line, prompt you for a title and set the .LONGNAME Extended Attribute.

Curious or in doubt, you can ask Mr. Know-It-All
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Mr. Know-It-All lives in Southern California.