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February 2000

 Dear Mr. Know-It-All 

Mr. Know-It-All has the answers to even the really tough questions.

Q.  Dear Mr. Know-It-All,

I'm running a special application from a REXX script and I need to select the default printer from the script. How do I do this?

A.  First, determine the name of the printer object that will become the default printer. This is easy with Unimaint. Or, you can use Checkini - it just takes a bit more work to search the log report. Then use the following REXX snippet:

if SysSetObjectData('<WPPO_HPLJ4P>','APPDEFAULT=YES;') then say 'Default set' else say 'Error: can not set default printer' Be sure to replace WPPO_HPLJ4P with the name of your printer object.

Q.  Dear Mr. Know-It-All,

I want to change to a new sound card. Can I do this without reinstalling MMOS2?

A.  Yes. The trick is to use Selective Install to uninstall your current sound card first. This is not terribly intuitive. It's sort of like using the Smart Menu to stop your system. In any case, do this:

  • Run selective install.
  • Click on the sound card icon.
  • Select your old sound card.
  • Enter 0 for the number of cards installed.
  • Finish the selective install.
  • Verify that all references to the old card have been removed from CONFIG.SYS.
  • Shut down and power off.
  • Remove the old sound card and install the new card.
  • Reboot with full hardware detection.
  • Install the drivers for the new sound card.
  • Shut down and reboot with full hardware detection once more, just to be safe.

Q.  Dear Mr. Know-It-All,

I downloaded Java 3.0 from IBM and I can't get it to install. It keeps trying to run Selective Install.

A.  This is a bug in the install routines. IBM did only limited testing of the OS/2 version of Java 3.0. To get Java to install:

  • Unzip the install package according to the directions.
  • Start a command line session.
  • Change the directory to \ivj30\install\EN_US\install
  • Start Netscape.
  • Use File->Open to load the page n.htm.
This should allow you to complete the installation.

Curious or in doubt, you can ask Mr. Know-It-All
OS/2 is his specialty and sharing solutions is his passion
Mr. Know-It-All lives in Southern California.