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On the web, content is king. Far more important than glitzy graphics, content makes people come back again and again.

The Duck's monthly columns quack loud and clear for the web's most extraordinary OS/2 sites, plus those every OS/2 user should never miss.

Let's see how these chosen web sites measure up:

Historical Duck

Content Links Glitz Type Site (url) and Comments
Feb99 B   A   A   OS/2 The 13th Floor (  Stop here and learn something, courtesy of Don "Freiheit" Eitner.
Feb98 A   F   B+ Magazine 32 Bits Online ( "The Multiplatform Magazine for OS/2 - Linux - Java - Windows 95/NT," OS/2 Computing! Magazine has a new name and a wider scope. Back issues (of both mags) are online.
Oct98 A   B- B+ Software A Simple Guide to Mesa 2 (, was, was, was  Great concept --- take your favorite software and put up an info site for it.  Url is case sensitive.
Sep98 B- A+ C+ Java Aaron Williams' OS/2 Java Page ( Aaron's serving this whole site from his own Java-based web server.
Apr97 B   F   D   Shows ACP ( What the heck. Anyone who sponsors free computer shows deserves a quack. Sunday 8 to 2 and be early!
Jan99 A- D   C+ Acrobat Adobe Acrobat Reader For OS/2 (  View those nasty PDF files with this free reader.
Apr97 A   A   C- Books Amazon Books ( The latest, greatest OS/2 books and lots lots more. Leader in Internet book sales has a busy site: click on Lists - Computer, then Search by Keyword for "OS/2".
Jun97 C   F   C   Chip mfr AMD Advanced Micro Devices ( AMD's K6 MMX microprocessor might be a Pentium II opponent, but AMD won't post the benchmark comparisons. Afraid of something, guys?
Jul97 B   F   C   BIOS mfr American Megatrends, Inc. (AMI) ( Misplaced your motherboard manual? Need the POST codes?
Aug97 B   B- B   Interface Ancot ( The SCSI people. Smarten yourself -- order their free "Basics of SCSI".
Jun99 A   D   B   Server Apache for OS/2 (  Apache is a very popular HTTP server.  Brian Havard has recompiled it several different ways --- just download the one you want, configure it (read the Apache manuals) and start 'er up.
Sep97 B+ D   B- Servers Apache HTTP Server Project ( It's free, but the compiler's gonna cost ya.
Aug98 A- B- B- OS/2 Arkay's OS/2 Support Page ( Among other things, this site explains how to set up RealAudio 3.0 with OS/2 and Netscape.
May98 A+ F   B   Computing The Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) ( Big dues and great journals.
Aug98 B   C- B   OS/2 The Aurora FAQ ( Aurora is the next release of OS/2 Warp Server.  Care to see what's in it?
Jul97 B   F   B   BIOS mfr Award Software ( Tune up your BIOS with some online help.
Apr97 B   C+ A   Backup BackAgain/2 from CDS Computer Data Strategies ( A triple-frame home page that actually looks decent. Links are few but are, as CDS says, "neat-o".
Jul98 F   F   A+ Beach Party ( Subtitle says "The World's Biggest Beach Party!", but who's using their eyes to read?
Aug99 A   ? A+ OS/2 Black Palace (  A discussion board, software for downloading, webcam stuff, a wonderful OS/2 tour, and some pretty neat graphics.  The Links link was broken, so El Ducko gives a "?".
Sep99 B+ D+ C+ Emulation Bochs x86 PC Emulation Software (  Bochs ("box") lets you run one operating system within another by "emulating" (don't worry about it) the hardware.  Go to the "What is Bochs" page, then follow the OS/2 links.  And review the entire site --- for example, the "On the drawing board" page.
May99 A   D- B- Cable Modem Cable Modem OS/2 (  Step-by-step install, includes installing cable modem on a LAN machine.
Nov97 A- C   B- Cable modem Cable modems ( Cable modem capabilities seem to be different with each ISP, but one thing's sure: they're faster than ISDN and, often, they're cheaper.
Feb99 A   B   B   Internet Cable Modems and OS/2 (  For the speed mavens of TCP/IP, here's some info on sharing one modem with multiple machines (and multiple OS's).
Apr99 A   C- C   News Changi (  It's a news server, it maintains your local newsbase, you'll never miss another post.
Jul99 B- B   C- Chemistry Chemistry and OS/2 (  The Duck's pal Doug was a chemist back in college.  Doug made extra bucks creating "special stuff" in his dorm room, but of course no one would use these programs for that kind of activity.
Aug97 C   F   D   Software ChipChat Technology Group ( Some off-the-wall OS/2 products, including software to send text messages to wireless pagers.
Jun99 B+ B- C+ Software Chris Wohlgemuth's Homepage (  Audio-CD-Creator, CDrecord/2, Bubblepad.
Jul99 A   D   B   Software Christoph Bratschi's Homepage (  Christoph's home-built OS/2 software, including his latest file browser release (complete with screenshots) and his Mixomat Sound Mixer software which supports and controls Soundblaster cards.
Jul97 C   F   C   Language COBOL ( COBOL on OS/2 and everything else. A little nostalgia, perhaps? The Duck has written many a paragraph.
Sep99 B+ F   B- Antivirus Command AntiVirus (  The Duck lives in the fast lane, and doesn't use antivirus software.  But if you don't think it's a thrill to dodge shotgun blasts at 20 yards, take aim at this product.
Dec98 A   B- C   Internet Communicator for OS/2 Bug-Tracker ( Steve Wendt's list of Netscape Communicator bugs, workarounds and undocumented features.
Jan98 A   D   D   Java Comp.Lang.Java ( Some light reading for a winter's eve.
Dec97 A   D   D   Rexx Comp.Lang.Rexx (news:comp.lang.rexx). The Duck hates Rexx. But these quackers don't.
Apr98 B+ C   D   OS/2 Comp.OS.OS2.Announce (news:comp.os.os2.announce). Products, upgrades, meetings, more.
Sep98 A- D+ F   Disk drives Comp.OS.OS2.Storage ( Who hasn't had a hard drive problem? Q&A online.
Dec97 A   B   B   Magazine Computerworld Magazine ( This big iron mag is often an OS/2 fan. A "search" on "OS/2" found 22 recent articles.
Jun97 A+ D   C- Java Corel ( Corel Office For Java beta now available for download. Java is hot; be there or be square.
Sep97 C   F   B   Software Creative Systems ( OS/2 consulting, OS/2-Compuserve supporter, plus a smidgen of OS/2 utilities for downloading.
Jun97 B- F   A   Chip mfr Cyrix ( Oooh, 6x86MX microprocessor thinks it's bigger and badder than a Pentium II. But, Ouch! Cyrix's own 233 MHz benchmark loses by: 1%. Double Ouch!! They use Adobe Acrobat as their document reader.
Dec97 B   F   B   Programming DC Micro Development ( Crusher is a cross-platform (yes, OS/2 is supported) data compression toolkit for programmers.
Sep99 B+ D+ C+ Networking Delta Systems Engineering (  The "OS/2 Technical Support" page has a step-by-step for adding your network card.  Also see his Y2K page and the software link off his personal page.
Jun98 A+ B+ B   Programming Dennis Bareis, OS/2 ( The free software and source code alone makes this a knockout site. Then there's the OS/2 bug list. And some obscure links.
Mar99 A+ B+ B   Programming Dennis Bareis, OS/2 (  We gave this guy a good quack in June '98, but he's got a new url and the free software and source code make it a good site.
Sep99 A   C- A- DigiCamera Digital Camera Image Transfer Utility for OS/2 (  Move those images from your digital camera straight into OS/2.
Apr99 A+ F   D   Rexx DrDialog (  Register, then download it (it's free).  This most amazing and high quality tool creates GUI REXX programs.
Apr97 B- B   C   Money E*Trade ( Smart investors this year can afford to buy mucho OS/2 software in '98.
Oct97 A   C   B+ Magazine EDM/2 - The Electronic Developer Magazine for OS/2 ( Check out this online monthly's back issues for some programming gems.
Mar99 B   F   B- Finance Electronic Teller (  The screen shots show a slick interface (and great graphs) for this inexpensive home accounting package.
Apr99 B+ F   B- Graphics Embellish (  Great graphics program.  Free demo.  Duck met the author, very impressed.
Feb99 B   C- B- OS/2 ERA Computer Consulting's OS/2 Specific Files, Links and Such (  A good start on what should become an excellent page.  Check out the Desktop Backup files.
Feb99 B   C   C+ IRC The EZirc Home Page (  Here's a free Internet Relay Chat program that's surprisingly robust.
Sep99 A- B   B   OS/2 Fernando's Outpost (  Some neat "stuff" if you poke around, especially in the Software & Other Stuff pages.  Plus a sense of humor -- peek at his home page source code.
Sep99 A   C- A   Utilities Filestar/2 and UniMaint (  Yes, they're still around.  Two long-time utilities that you really ought to try.
Apr97 F   F   A   Retail Frederick's Of Hollywood ( Lots to quack about here. Will editor Carla delete this one?
Oct98 B+ F   A   Internet Frugal Software (  First product is NetLookout, to alert you when a site changes.
Mar99 A   F   C   Search FTP Search (  When all you want is a file . . .
Jul97 A   C   C   Java Gamelan - The Official Directory For Java ( Don't deny it -- Java is hot.
Aug99 B   D+ A+ Software GammaTech (  Two software products -- the famous GammaTech Utilities and their IRC 3.0 Internet Relay Chat Client.  Always start at the news page.  And existing users, please read the Y2K page --- you may have to upgrade.
Aug98 A   F   D+ PostScript Ghostscript, Ghostview and GSview ( PostScript on your non-PostScript printer, and it's free.
May99 A   A   B+ OS/2 GlassMan (  For starters, look at the screenshot for his "Remake of SourceCalc 1.0" (it's on the Software page).  And then there's his "Character Map/2".  All free.  Lots of links, too:  selection #5 from the left sidebar.
Jun98 A   D   C+ Utilities Graham Utilities for OS/2 ( Arguably the best OS/2 utility package. And where's your copy?
Jul98 A+ F   B- OS/2 Tools Henk's Homepage (, OS/2 drivers to read FAT32 formatted partitions (yes they work). Workplace shell backup and restore. Association editor.
Apr98 A+ B   C- Internet Hints and Tips for Plug-Ins for Netscape Navigator for OS/2 Warp ( A good help site for those bad Netscape plug-ins.
Jun99 A+ B   A+ OS/2 Hobby Computer Club OS/2 User Group (  The Netherlands and all of Europe is quacking over this fine site.  Screen shots of everything -- click on "Index" for the huge software directory.
May99 A   B- B- CONFIG.SYS Homepage of the OS/2 Config.sys file (, was  Ever used Tyra/2?  It's a great little utility.  Now, Oliver Poggensee has something more --- a dedicated web site with beaucoup info.
Nov97 A+ C- A   HTML HomePage Publisher ( Need to write a great web page quick? This OS/2 HTML authoring tool can burn one in minutes.
Oct97 ?   ?   B   Magazine Hungarian OS/2 Times ( Heard of Hungarian notation?
Jun97 A   B   C- Software IBM ( Well, you're running OS/2. Why not visit Big Daddy? Poke around a bit - there are gold nuggets in strange places.
May98 A   F   B   Programming IBM Application Development Page ( Semi-transparent owner of OS/2 lists all 16 VisualAge products plus other very opaque offerings.
May98 A+ F   D- Software IBM OS/2 Employee-Written Software ( Gems bound forth from the keyboards of the more intrepid big-blue white-shirters. Note that this is an FTP site --- type in the entire url address.
Sep99 A   A   B+ OS/2 IBM OS/2 Warp Update Summary (  This uniquely designed web site feels like a spreadsheet.  Lots of info, kept up to date by Oliver Rick.
Aug97 A+ F   D+ Java IBM Java Technology ( Get the newest Java Development Kit and all the docs, free!
Mar98 A- B+ C- Rexx IBM Object Rexx ( Don't miss the White Paper link at the bottom.
Jan99 A+ D   C+ IBM IBM Redbooks (  Didja know about this site?  Didja spend an all-niter reading some docs?  They're PDF; save to a file, then run Acrobat Reader.
Sep99 A   F   B- OS/2 IBM Solution Partnership Center (  In particular, check out Seminars & Workshops --- great pricing.
Feb99 A+ B   C+ XML IBM XML (  Extensible Markup Language is coming, and IBM already has tutorials.
Jan98 B   C   A- Trade group IEEE Computer Society ( The IEEE is a major force in setting standards and publishing technical journals.
Mar98 F   B   A+ Research Image Surfer ( The Duck likes the "Models" category.
Feb99 B- F   C   Finance In Charge! (  Financial software.  Balance your checkbook.  Free demo.
Apr98 A   C   C+ Email Inet.Mail for OS/2 Internet Mail Server 1.2.1 ( You installed the free copy of the previous release you got at last year's Warpstock, right? Now comes version 1.2.1, and they're "offering this release as a free upgrade to current customers".
Jun99 B+ C+ B- Zipadeedoo Info-ZIP (  The free and popular zipper/unzipper.  Source code too.
Feb99 C+ D   B- Software InnoVal (  Several OS/2 products, but perturbed Duck finds not one demo version.
Jun99 B   F   C- Server Installing OS/2 Warp Server on OS/2 Warp 4 (  If you don't want Aurora, there's this alternative.
May97 A   A   B   Chip mfr Intel ( Is MMX really M squared in reverse Polish notation? Full MMX details for those who need a glamour processor. Techies love sites like this.
Jul99 A   C   B   Hardware Intel Chipsets (  It's not the processor on your motherboard, bubba, it's the chipset that makes everything work right.  See this chart.
Dec98 A+ D   B- Processors Intel Secrets, What Intel Doesn't Want You To Know ( Quackin' good site.
Apr98 B   C- B+ Internet Internet Adventurer ( "OS/2's Premier Internet Suite" might make your next Internet binge a no-hangover affair.
Feb98 B+ D   B+ News Group Introduction to comp.os.os2.announce and Posting Policies ( Done any OS/2 development, large or small? Share your venture with the rest of us -- here are the instructions.
Nov97 B   C- C   Trade group IOTTA - International OS/2 Technology Trade Association ( A new non-prof for the companies providing OS/2 goods. Check out their "IBM's OS/2 Strategy" page.
Apr97 A   B   B+ Software J3 Computer Technologies ( Lots of product, great prices, product descriptions too.
Nov97 A   C+ B- Software J3 Computer Technologies ( A revamped site with great software prices, plus a new hardware section that includes scanners with OS/2 drivers
Oct98 A+ F   B+ Computer J3 Computer Technologies (  J3's added a full line of hardware to their OS/2 software offerings, and the prices are the lowest this Duck has ever seen.  Site isn't designed for casual shoppers; browse elsewhere, buy here.  Hint:  Click on "Search".
Dec98 B   B   A   Java Java Boutique ( If you're not yet sure what Java applets can do for your web pages, this is a must-see.
Aug97 D   F   C- Java Java Internet Business Expo ( It's August 25-28, it's in New York, it's going to cost you plenty.
Apr98 A   B   B   Java Java Lobby ( Over 15,000 members strong, and coming for you. Terry Warren, hold them back.
Dec97 B   A   B   Java Java News ( Products and announcements for this big, new language.
Jan98 C+ D   C   Java Java SuperStore ( PolyEx Software hits a homer. Good prices.
May99 B   C+ B- JavaScript JavaScript Resources (  For the HTML crowd.  Since JavaScript sometimes bombs Netscape 2.02 (this particular page seems safe but 2.02 didn't display it properly), you may want to first download 4.04 . . .
May98 B+ A   B   OS/2 Jerry Koret's Repository for MR/2 ICE ( Jerry's got more here than just MR/2 ICE info and code, but that alone makes it a worthwhile stop.
Jul98 B- D   B   Software JMA Software Technologies ( A browser, a boot utility to swap CONFIG.SYS and .DLL files, and some free source code.
Jun98 B   B- A   OS/2 Judy's Warped World ( Java? Got it. Drivers? Got it. HTML? Got it. But a picture of Judy? Nope, don't got it.
Jan99 ?   ?   B+ OS/2 Logo Just Warp! (  The site's in Italian, but the logo is quackin' great!
May97 C   B   D   OS/2 games K3's Favorite Shareware & Freeware Games for OS/2 Warp ( Games are rated 0-5, list even includes dates of release.
Oct98 B   C- B   Games K3's Favorite Shareware & Freeware Games for OS/2 Warp (  Complete with screen shots.
Sep98 B   A   A+ Software Kais Homepage ( Home page to compete with the graphic pros and some unique freeware for download.
Sep99 B+ B   A   Games Kali (  Interactive online game playing against others on the 'net.  Free OS/2 demo with 15 minute timeout per game.  Click to "News" and read Sept 9 '98 ABC writeup, then see the OS/2 games list on the Games..Games page.
Apr99 A   F   B- Printing Klassic Specialties (  The "Paper, Paper, Paper" man (see has new exclusive products.
Sep99 B+ B+ B+ OS/2 Land Of Beyond (  Software reviews ("Subterranean Fudge"), hints ("Nudge Nudge"), more if you're nutty enough to keep looking.
Jul98 A- F   B   OS/2 Large OS/2 Customers List ( Want an adrenalin shot? See who the driving corporate forces are behind OS/2.
Jan99 B   D- C+ File Mgr Larsen Commander (  New beta 0.94 released December 23.  Check the screen shot!
Apr98 A+ F   B+ OS/2 LEO - OS/2 Archive ( LEO (Link Everything Online) has a wonderful collection of OS/2 files. Check this out -- it's easy to view and there's plenty here.
Apr99 A+ F   C+ Software LEO -- Link Everything Online ( or LEO -- Link Everything Online (  Big Leo is really growing from the OS/2 base in Europe.  Crank up your browser, Bubba, it's got stuff you won't find on Hobbes.  Great site map, and you can view a zip's contents before downloading.
Nov97 B   A   B+ IBM The Links ( IBM website directory. No kidding! All 14 of them.
Jul97 B+ D   D   Software List of Most Wanted OS/2 Files ( See if there's something here for you.
Dec97 C- F   B   Graphics LogoArt from WorkLab Systems Solutions ( LogoArt brings vector graphics to OS/2.
Jun97 C   C   B- Suite Lotus SmartSuite for OS/2 Warp ( It's here. More coming.
Jul97 A   F   B   Astronomy Mars News ( No photos of little guys with space pistols . . . yet. Earth to Bugs Bunny.
Oct97 A   C+ B   Team OS/2 Master OS/2 Warp Update List ( Review this heavily visited site and you'll feel like an IBM "insider". Is your copy of OS/2 up to date?
Jan99 A   B   B+ Fonts Match Fonts (  A fine collection of fonts; the Duck likes this site.
Feb98 C- C   B   Software Mensys ( Well quack me silly, I thought this was going to be the IQ people. Product summaries, Top 50 list -- see what OS/2 packages are hot in The Netherlands.
Oct98 A   A   A   User Group Mid-Atlantic OS/2 User Group (  Well organized, slick looking, good writing.  Duck suggests the "Umbrella Articles".
Jul98 B+ C   B   MIDI MIDI at Warp Speed with OS/2 ( MIDI Station Sequencer and MIDI Station, plus RTMIDI setup.
May98 B+ A   B- OS/2 The Mining Company ( This great OS/2 site is one of many run by New York-based web conglomerizer.
Sep97 C+ D+ C   Software Modular Dreams ( The MD+F Web AK (Web Animation Kit) makers can GIF you into a hypnotic trance.
Dec97 F   D- C+ User group Montreal OS/2 Users Group ( Well, it's in Quebec, so first you've got to click on "English".
Sep99 A   A   C+ Sound MP3 Software on OS/2 Warp (  Short and sweet:  if you want MP3 sound, come here.  Note the "dash" in the url.
Jun99 A   C   B- Database The mSQL PC Home Page (  A relational database server.  Download it, try it, and please read the docs -- you may need a Warp 4 FixPak.
Jul99 A   A   B- Database The mSQL PC Home Page (  Eagle-eyed Duck checks Links again, decides there's plenty.  The "Tutorials" page can take you to an education in SQL, and there's a full complement of mailing lists to join.
Jun97 C   B   A   Software Mt. Baker Software, Inc ( Third beta of Money Tree now being tested. Screen shots look great. $59 will buy it . . . when it gets here.
Feb99 B   C   B   OS/2 My Best OS/2 Software Collection (this site has retired; link removed March 2001 at site author's request).  Tuomas "Tumppi" Angervuori is 18, lives in Finland, uses the software he describes here, and has a good looking site.
Oct98 F   A+ C- OS/2 Net Catapult OS/2 (  Links, links, and only links.
Sep99 A+ F   C+ Internet Netcraft (  These screwballs spend their time asking other web servers what software they're running.  Click to "Web Server Survey" to see the results.
Sep99 B+ B- C+ NetRexx NetRexx Ring (  One dozen odes to NetRexx, if you can figure out where to click.  (Psst -- try "NetRexx Ring Index").
Apr98 A+ C   B   Internet Netscape 5 Source Code Download ( It's all here, the complete source code as of the termination of the project. Care to join the OS/2 port effort? The Duck hasn't been this excited since his carnival job dancing on a hot plate.
Aug97 B+ F   D   Internet Netscape Navigator for OS/2 Warp web site ( You haven't Netscaped yet? Still using your old Warp browser? Come on - what has IBM done for you lately?
Jun97 A   A   B   Software Norloff's OS/2 Shareware BBS & Web ( Like poking around? This excellent site has more than you can absorb. Pete Norloff, congrats.
Sep99 A+ B   A+ OS/2 The "Not Very Nice at All" OS/2 Page (  An OS/2 site with a definite attitude --- a refreshing outspokeness for those OS/2 users who are, well, not very nice.  Duck demands you read the OS/2 vs WinNT page.
Sep99 B+ D+ B   Music-MIDI Nota Musica (  Beautiful music charts and MIDI control.  Click the British flag for English.
Mar99 A+ A   A   Notebooks Notebook/2 -- The OS/2 Notebook Site (  A notebook computer that runs OS/2?  There's more info here than feathers on a duck.
Mar98 B   D- C   Java OberonJava Programmer's Toolkit ( The pros use toolkits (after all, the client ends up paying for them). Here's a nice one.
Sep97 B   F   C   Rexx Object REXX ( IBM's German Software Development Laboratory wants your machine.
May97 B   C   D   Software Office Solutions ( Ugly as sin, competitive prices, and Long Beach is an easy drive for most SCOUG members.
Jun98 A   A+ A- Software The OS/2 Alternative ( Goldmine. Don Eitner has listed just about every current OS/2 app there is, by category.
Mar99 A   B- B+ OS/2-Linux OS/2 and Linux in Focus (  Do not miss this site.  Programmers:  do not miss the Programming Information page.
May98 B   F   C- Books OS/2 Books from Compu Star ( The Duck knows the value of a good book, and keeps the tv off while he evaluates. Discount prices improve the learning curve.
Jun98 B   F   B   OS/2 OS/2 Cartoons by Harry Martin ( Irreverent. Unique.
Aug99 A   A   B- OS/2 OS/2 Central (  Well heck.  The Duck's been a Compuserve member for years and years.  "Mr. Golden CommPass" runs this site.
May97 F   A+ B   Personal The OS/2 Compilation ( Unusually complete link lists include OS/2 newsgroups and FTP download sites.
Jan99 A   F   C   Programming OS/2 Device Driver Frequently Asked Questions (  This isn't about using drivers.  It's about writing drivers.
Sep98 B   F   B   Programming OS/2 DLL entry points ( Some grab a manual, some look at old code, some like to click on a site. Warning, no error codes.
Aug97 A   B   C+ Magazine OS/2 e-Zine! ( In case you missed this major on-line magazine, the Duck suggests a fresh pot of coffee and a long night.
Jun98 A+ B- A   Games OS/2 Guild ( He's not done with everything yet, but if Jason's game code is as good as his HTML code, you may never go out for lunch again.
Feb98 B   B+ C   OS/2 OS/2 Headquarters ( Tom Nadeau's site is a smorgasbord of something for everyone. The Duck refuses a tighter classification; this is just "OS/2".
May99 A   B   B- OS/2 OS/2 Headquarters (  New look and good info, though the OS/2 Mascot finalists don't include the obvious winner.  But all is saved --- Webfoot gets a mention on the "OS/2 Users" page.
Jan98 B   B- B- Internet OS/2 Internet SIG ( Go straight to the Links page -- that's where SIG leader Dave Watson has a few good resources listed. Hey, Dave, how about a site map?
Jul97 B+ A+ C   Personal OS/2 Land! ( Over 300 places to go and things to see!
Aug98 A   A+ A- OS/2 OS/2 Links ( Did you like Fantasia? Want to be blasted by OS/2 links? Do you like psychotic art? Click here.
May98 B+ B+ B   Programming OS/2 Multimedia Programming ( You want DIVE? You want MIDI? You want MPEG? Programmer Mathieu Pinard shall help thee.
Jul99 A+ A+ B- Music OS/2 Music Software (  The Shareware Music Machine supports OS/2.  CDs, audio, MIDI, recording and editing, synthesizers, hundreds of OS/2 titles.
Jan98 A   F   B+ Software OS/2 "Must-Have" Utilities ( There's a free OS/2 driver for Windows NT NTFS partitions under "Disk/Utils".
Sep98 A   A   B   Software OS/2 Netl@bs ( Home of CandyBarZ and Warpscape. Home to programming info and links galore. Needs a site map; disorganized and scattered, but worth a long visit.
May99 A   A- A+ OS/2 OS/ (  Nice site!  Pay attention, webmeisters everywhere, this one's got look and feel.  And check out the IndOS/2 link.
Aug98 A   F   B- Benchmarks OS/2 Performance ( OS/2, Java and Warp Server.  Benchmarks and programming tips for best performance.  Comparisons to NT.
Sep97 B   A   D   MIDI The OS/2 Real-Time MIDI Subsystem ( MIDI music maestros take heart - OS/2 can rock you to sleep with nary a peep.
Apr97 C   A   C   OS/2 OS/2 Resellers ( Lots of Aussie activity down under. Also lots of sharp links - "Now that's a knife!"
Mar98 A+ A   A   OS/2 The OS/2 Supersite ( It's big, it screams like a tabloid, it's got Loren Bandiera's OS/2 News and Rumors.
Aug98 D   A+ B+ Links OS/2 Switchboard (, was Mesmerize yourself with the 658 OS/2 links on this site.
Mar98 A+ F   A   Software OS/2 TUCOWS ( "The Ultimate Collection Of Winsock Software". Lordy, lordy, lordy, what a treasure trove. Dave Watson promises to review every single HTML editor listed.
May97 B   C   A   User group OS/2 User Group Belgium ( Four-frame site looks really hot, and the "OS/2 Approaching" animated logo is a real eye catcher. Click on "Who is Who" to see how a web site oughta be, then on "Hints-Tips" for a few tuneup ideas.
May97 D   B+ C   User group OS/2 Usergroup Siegerland ( Schur! Der Hompage der OS/2 Usergroup Siegerland sowie Links und Informationen rund um IBM OS/2 und das Team OS/2.
Nov97 A   F   C   OS/2 OS/2 Warp 4 Capacity Planning and Performance Tuning Guide ( Hey, neat site! Click on "Table of Contents" and go from there.
Dec98 B+ A   B- OS/2 OS/2 Warp 4 engage! ( Some neat little utilities and a free icon collection.
May98 A   D   B- Benchmark The OS/2 Warp Benchmark Center featuring Sysbench ( Sysbench, an OS/2 benchmarking tool, will rank your system and its parts. Source code included.
Feb98 A+ A+ B   OS/2 OS/2 Warp on the 'Net ( This superbly-organized and comprehensive link site is the best one yet. From chilly St. John's, Newfoundland, where analyzing OS/2 is decidedly better than chasing the whale.
Jun98 B   A   B   OS/2 OS/2 Warp On The 'Net ( A good index of a variety of all things OS/2.
Dec98 B- F   C- OS/2 OS/2 Warp WebColumn ( An under-construction tutorial, including the OS/2 START command.
Sep99 A+ F   C+ Servers OS/2 Web Servers (  Stuff from 1999, stuff from 1995, you'll even find Squid.
Dec97 F   A+ D   User group The OS/2 WWW Homepage ( Look, these are MIT guys, right? So give them a little slack.
Sep98 B   A+ B- User group PACS OS/2 Special Interest Group ( Scan past the home page meeting info for the good stuff.
Jan99 A   F   C- Freeware The Papo Home Page (  It's always nice to have some extra gadgets on the desktop.  Source code included.
Jul97 B   F   B   Software Partition Magic by Powerquest ( The power user's ultimate utility beckons you.
Sep99 B- D+ C+ OS/2 Paul Ratcliffe's Home Page (  Let's see.  You can choose "OS/2 DLL Entry Points", or "Miscellaneous Utilities" (heavy on the BBC TV there), or even "Why I hate CompuServe".
Jun99 A   D- B   Programming Pentium Computer Group GCC OS/2 (  For programmers.
Jul98 B   F   B+ Software Perez Computing Services ( Home of the popular Ctrl-Alt-Del Commander and several other utilities.
May98 A+ A   A- PCMCIA Personal Computer Memory Card Interface Association (PCMCIA) ( Reading this won't make you any luckier in trying to make these little computer cards work, but you'll sure have a better understanding of why they don't.
Jul99 B+ B   A+ OS/2 Pete's OS/2 Warp Home Page (  The unique animated logo makes this site worth a visit.  His "News & Information Links" intertwine OS/2 with general life and he's got a few opinions to boot.
Jun97 C   B   C+ User group Phoenix OS/2 Society ( Nice logo! Click on "extended attributes" for a small selection of their monthly magazine's articles. Nervy editor requires paid subscription!
Jul97 B   F   A   BIOS mfr Phoenix Technologies Ltd ( Great interactive home page graphic showcases what a top web designer can do. Techies will love the white papers on BIOS stuff.
Feb99 B+ A   B- Software PillarSoft (  WarpZip, Enhanced E Editor, ShowTime/2.
Jul99 B+ C+ D   Programming Pipes for NetRexx and Java (  Too technical for The Duck, so it must be valuable.
Apr97 A   B- D   Zipadeedoo PKWare ( The masters of shrink have a good looking site. Phil Katz has done wonders with little - take a looksee.
Jul98 B   F   C- MPEG Audio PM123 ( MPEG audio player with plenty of extras --- tone, spectrum analyzer, lots more. Download it, try it.
Apr99 A- C   C- Fax PMFax, FaxWorks (  Still the only way to fax, Keller Group's products are a must-have.  Check the Version 3 features list!
May97 C   A   A+ Team OS/2 Polar Team OS/2 ( Straight from Norseland, this way cool OS/2 site has jumping hot graphics.
Aug98 A   B- B- Programming Port I/O and Data Acquisition under OS/2 ( Sample code for simple I/O device drivers.
Sep99 A   F   D+ 3-D PoV-Ray 3.1e for OS/2 (  PoV-Ray is a free ray tracing program for creating 3-D images.  Jan Danielsson has compiled an OS/2 version.
Sep98 A+ D   B+ Software PowerUtilities OS/2 Warp ( El Ducko downloaded the freeware Memory Watcher and Task Buster, unzipped them both in seconds, and now has even more open windows on his new 1600×1200 display.
Oct97 A   B- B   Software Practice Corporation ( QuickTime on OS/2? Yes! Try their QuickMotion and QuickFlick.
Feb98 B   F   B- Programming Preditor from Compuware Corporation ( Preditor 3.0 programmer's editor has new Java and updated Cobol support, offers free demo download.
Feb98 B+ F   C+ Disk drives Primary, Extended, Logical, Free Space! What Do I Need? ( The Partition Magic people have a good technical white paper on disk drive partitions. Think you're a power user? Read this and make sure.
Sep98 A   F   C   Printers The Printer Works, Inc. ( Like to fix things? Source for laser printer repair parts.
Oct98 B   C   D   OS/2 Priority Master II for OS/2 (  This absurdly complicated site does feature a good product.  Wading boots required.
Jun99 A   C+ B+ Win32-OS/2 Project ODIN (Win32-OS/2) (  The Win32-OS/2 project is alive and kickin'.  Runs Win95 on OS/2.
Jun99 B   B   B- Internet The Public DNS Service (  DNS is Domain Name Server, and this site's FAQ has a wealth of info.
Dec98 A- B+ B   Rexx Quercus Systems ( Cross-platform Rexx interpreters and extension libraries.  Includes freeware and shareware.
Dec98 B+ C- C+ Video QuickMotion for OS/2 ( QuickMotion runs QuickTime and AVI movies plus QuickTime Virtual Reality movies.  Includes a Netscape plugin.  Download the demo, try it.
Aug99 C   A+ B   Links Quintivium (  Impressively unique link layout -- groups of 9 grouped by 2.  A hidden mathematical meaning here?
Jul98 A   A- A   OS/2 Rat's OS/2 Palace ( This guy's personal site is better than many commercial ones. Take a look.
Jan99 A   F   C+ Audio RealPlayer (  The OS/2 version of RealPlayer is still available for free.
Jul99 A+ B   B- Computers The Register (  We like to read a nice trashy paper every once in a while.  This one's about our industry.  Oooh, check the sidebar.
Aug98 B+ F   B+ Software REM Publications ( OS/2 software for the Internet.  Binary newsreader and HTTP-reader, TCP/IP port scanner, more.
Oct98 A+ C   C   Rexx The REXX Column (  Over two dozen REXX columns from OS/2 Magazine.
Oct97 F   A   C- Programming The Rexx Language ( One darn good link site to visit if you're learning or using Rexx.
Apr99 B   B+ C   Rexx The Rexx Language Association (RexxLA) (  The 10th International Rexx Symposium is the first week of May in Jacksonville, Florida.  Mike Cowlishaw will speak.
Jan98 B   F   C   Rexx REXX SuperSet/2 from SofTouch Systems, Inc. ( Seven DLLs with over 300 functions give your REXX some oomph. 600 page manual; $80 and $250 versions.
Jul98 A   B+ C- Software Roman's Home Page ( Roman Stangl is an OS/2 coder and writer. The popup Geocities ads are horrendous, but plow through them and check out his Program Commander/2 and other efforts.
Sep99 B   F   B   Zipadeedoo RPF Zip Control (  Stop that command line zipping!  Just point and click.
Jan99 C   F   C+ CD Writer RSJ CD-Writer for OS/2 (  Record your CDs with this OS/2 package.  Duck is impressed with the software, but not with the site.
May98 C+ A- C+ OS/2 Russ Harvey's OS/2 Fixes & Downloads ( A well-organized list of links in the OS/2 orbit.
Sep99 ? ? B   OS/2 Russian Underground/2 (  The intriguing thing on this OS/2 site is that the underlying urls on the left sidebar are in English.
Aug99 A+ B+ B- User Group San Diego OS/2 User Group (  Nice logo, guys, and your "Installing XFree86 for OS/2" info page makes the visit worthwhile.
Aug99 A   A   A- OS/2 SBT Information Systems (  Good writeups on software, lotsa links, and the red "link visited" color is a nice change.
Jul99 D   D   A- Video SciTech Display Doctor For OS/2 (  These guys need a good focus group to tell them what's wrong with their site.  The product might be a good one, and if they'd describe it better this Duck could quack about its benefits.
May99 A   B- B+ SCSI The SCSI Trade Organization (  Got the what's-this-SCSI blues?  Specs, links, connectors and the SCSI Harbor Project.
Sep97 A   F   C+ Searching Search Engine Watch ( Rise above Yahoo. This site gives background info, HTML hints, more.
Apr99 B   C+ D+ Security Secure Shell SSH under OS/2 (  Do your eyes brighten at the word, "security"?  Click here.
Sep99 B- C   B- Software Sergey I. Yevtushenko Home Page (  Some nice programming efforts from Sergey.  Duck likes the PU Monitor screenshot.
Sep99 A   D   B- Servers ServerConfig/2 (  Here's a setup utility for Apache, InetPowerServer, and IBM's TCP/IP Firewall.
Apr99 A   D- A   Networking Setting Up a SOHO Network (  OS/2 and Windows together --- this is the Warpstock '98 presentation given by David Ameiss.
Apr99 A- F   C+ Internet SEVEN twentyfour (  A wide-ranging broken link monitor service for webmasters (see the sample report).
Sep99 A   F   C+ Programming SFX Installer for OS/2 Warp (  SFX installs your software onto customer machines.  It is slick.  Go straight to the bottom and click on the screenshots.
Sep97 C   C- A+ Trade group SHARE ( A search on "OS/2" found 13 recent documents, plus some good things to say about OS/2 Warp.
Dec97 A   B   A- Software Shareware Junkies ( An OS/2 section and a colorful homepage warrant a perusal.
Dec98 B   F   C+ Java Simplicity For Java ( The perfect gift.  This amazing product actually works, and it works very well.  Site has no screenshots.
Feb98 B   B   C+ Utilities SofTouch Systems, Inc. ( Utilities for you. GammaTech, UniMaint, FileStar/2, REXX SuperSet/2, more.
Nov97 B   B   B- Scanning Solution Technology, Inc. ( TWAIN scanner drivers for OS/2? Sure enough -- straight from sunny Florida.
Nov97 A+ C   A- Sound Soundcards for OS/2 ( Rod Smith has put together one heck of a soundcard site. Drivers, theory, recommendations, it's all here.
Apr97 B+ B+ C- User group Southern California OS/2 User Group ( Frames are cute, but The Duck prefers to click on the "HTML" choice for a big screen presentation.
Oct97 F   A   A+ Personal SpiceWare OS/2 Entertainment and Programming Home Page (we don't do windows) ( The "links" icon is the road in the left column.
Nov97 B+ D+ C   Software Sundial Systems ( This OS/2 software leader is the home of Relish, Mesa 2, Clearlook and DB/Expert.
May99 A   B- A- Software Sundial Systems (  A completely new web site, a brand new OS/2 product ("Rover Pack"), and The Duck is taking a DBExpert class . . .
May97 C   C   C   User group Swedish OS/2 User Group ( Not a single blond on any page, but posting dates are wisely given for every entry.
Jan99 B   F   A   Utilities SysBar/2 (  Very nice home page for the free SysBar/2 utilities.  Hint:  Click on "overview".
Aug97 A   B   B+ Disk drives T10 Home Page ( T10 ANSI technical committee on SCSI, CAM, ESDI, SMD, Floppy, ATA and ATAPI.
Mar98 A   B   B+ Disk drives T10 ( X3T10 ANSI Subcommittee on SCSI, CAM, ESDI, SMD, Floppy, ATA and ATAPI. Oooh, a techie site.
May99 A+ B- B   SCSI T10 (  They're super techies, they're more than SCSI, they're watched over by ANSI, they understand Low Voltage Differential.
Oct98 B   C- A+ OS/2 The Tabi Family (  Timur Tabi is one of the OS/2 gurus.  In hopes of snaring his autograph at Warpstock, the Duck is putting Timur's new url in the limelight.
Oct97 B   F   B+ Hardware Tandberg Data Tape Storage ( These are great tape drives, but yes they're pricey.
Oct97 A   A   A   User group Team Java ( Java on OS/2 beats anything Mr. Gates can pontificate about. Lookee here for a hot cuppa.
Sep99 ? ? B   OS/2 Team OS/2pl (  Team OS/2 in Poland.
Jan98 A   C   B- Definitions TechWeb Technology Encyclopedia ( Searching on "OS/2" returned a nice definition. Now try "Java", "driver", "object-oriented", and all that stuff you've heard of that you didn't understand.
Dec98 C+ F   B- Forum Tek-Tips ( Sign up, pick the forums you want to monitor or post to, and check in occasionally as you would with a newsgroup.  Nicely designed site just opened; traffic should pick up as "the word gets out".
Feb98 B   B- C   Software Telecommunications Software for OS/2 ( TE/2 from Oberon Software does telecommunications, terminal emulation, hints for FaxWorks compatibility, more.
Jan98 F   F   A+ Attire Texas Swimsuit Calendar ( Don't depend only on Relish to organize your '98. You'll need a wall calendar for sure.
Mar98 F   A   C- Programming Tilly's Programming World ( The author discloses the links to his favorite language sites, from C++ and Java to little-known Logo and cult language Perl.
Dec97 B   B- A   Personal Timur Tabi's Home Page ( There's enough OS/2 stuff on this personal page to warrant a quick quack.
Oct97 B   A   D+ Personal Timur Tabi's Programming Links ( Timur is OS/2-centric, and if you're a code rocketeer there's something here for you.
Nov97 A+ C   A- Hardware Tom's Hardware Guide ( Thomas Pabst has gotten over 7 million hits on his famous hardware page. Add yourself to the count -- visit this phenomenal site.
Jul99 C   D+ B+ User group Toronto OS/2 User's Group (  Nice home page showcases their interests and those OS/2 vs Linux and Windows showdowns look verrry interesting!  Now, if they'll just update their web pages . . . and lose those pdf newsletters.
Aug97 C+ F   C+ Software Troll Tech ( C++ class library for cross-platform use.
Sep98 A   F   A   Networking Tunnel/2 ( Virtual Private Network over the Internet, on OS/2? Selvfølgelig -- sure! Quality code from Denmark. 30-day free trial. And Bjarne promptly returns his email.
Mar99 A   B+ B   OS/2 UFO's OS/2 Warp Information Resources (  Some excellent tutorials with some very useful tricks here.
Sep97 A   A   A   Games Ultimate OS/2 Gaming Page ( What!? Play GAMES while OS/2 is under attack!? A traitorous suggestion. Still, maybe just for a minute . . .
May99 B+ B+ B   Sound The Ultimate Sound Page (  While not quite up-to-date, there's a wealth of information here for those who seek listening nirvana.
Apr98 A+ F   A   Unicode The Unicode Consortium ( Let's say you need the proper character set for the Native American tongue of Cherokee. You'll need this site.
Jan98 C   F   C   BIOS Unicore Software Inc. ( New hardware, old machine? A BIOS upgrade may be just the thing.
Apr97 A   F   A   Comics United Feature Syndicate ( Dilbertitis hasn't faded yet, and UFS also has Snoopy.
Jun98 A+ A   A- Internet Unofficial Home Page for OS/2 Netscape Navigator ( Well, well, well, so now this site shows up. Inside scoop on email filters, known bugs and more, all as of March 1998.
Sep97 B+ A   B+ Personal Unofficial OS/2 Warp Home Page ( Not updated since April, but definitely worth a visit.
Jun97 A+ F   D   Standards US Naval Observatory Master Clock ( and Atomic clock time to set your watches by.
Oct97 A   F   A   Software V Communications, Inc. ( System Commander boots any OS.
Aug97 C- D   A   Software V Trex ( Database support software for Voice Type Dictation. Hands-free database queries.
Jun97 F   F   A+ Images Venus Web Server ( This large library of supermodel pix is a good example of how to set up a download site.
Jul98 B+ F   B   Video Video Device Drivers and Information (Norloff's OS/2 BBS.COM) ( So you're putting together a machine from spare parts, and you need a driver for the video card? Try here.
May97 B   B   B- Personal Viper OS/2 ( Robin Vley has put a lot of work into this site, and gets the Duck's 4 star award for his e-mail alert service which tells you when a page is changed. Click on the graph icon!
Jun99 A   D   A   OS/2 Virusface's HQ (  This good looking OS/2 page lists Daniele Vistalli's current projects, including a Gifsicle port and a Presentation Manager implementation of the X Window library.
Mar99 A   C   B   Prolog Visual Prolog ( or Visual Prolog (  The language of Artificial Intelligence runs quite happily on OS/2.  Start with the freeware version.
Aug98 B+ C+ B- User group VOICE Newsletters ( Virtual OS/2 International Consumer Education has some excellent tips and articles.
Mar99 A- C- D+ HTML W3C HTML Validation Service (  Now, this thing isn't perfect.  But if you write HTML code, it will catch a lot of your errors.
Aug99 A+ C   A- OS/2 Warp (  Jan van Wijk presents his popular freeware here (DFSee disk utility, LPTool file transfer) plus screenshots and a slide presentation of their capabilities.
Aug97 A   C   D   Warp tips Warp 4 Tuning Tips ( From Australia, an OS/2 hotbed, comes Peter Moylan's tuneup tips.
Aug98 A   C+ D   OS/2 Warp 4 Tuning Tips ( From Australia, an OS/2 hotbed, comes Peter Moylan's tuneup tips.  And see his Recommended OS/2 Freeware.
Aug99 A+ A+ A+ OS/2 Show Warp Expo West (  West Coast OS/2 show is first out the gate, run by much of Warpstock '97 crew.
Apr98 B- F   C+ OS/2 Warp FM - IBM's Premiere OS/2 Newsletter ( Hey! WarpCast with an IBM spin!
Dec97 C- D   A+ Personal Warp Xperience ( A personal Warp home page with a great design. Investigate this one; some good stuff here.
Jan98 A+ A   C- OS/2 WarpCast News Service ( or WarpCast News Service ( To see what you'd be in for with a free subscription to this OS/2-oriented newsmailer, select "News Archives" and peruse.
Dec98 B   B- B- Control The Warped Code Cellar ( Armin's software will control your house lights and security system and coffee pot and stuff like that.  And check out his free REXX-callable DLL for port I/O.
May97 F   A+ D   OS/2 links The Warped WebRing. ( Unique site dedicated to OS/2 links. Worth a visit!
Feb99 A   F   C   Globe WarpGlobe Project (  Cute program.  Screenshots are at the very bottom of the page.
Jul97 B   D   C   Convention Warpstock ( An OS/2 confab for the beaded set? Max Yasgur never knew what his farm would lead to.
Aug99 A+ A+ A+ OS/2 Show Warpstock '99 Atlanta (  Gordon Roland puts his show on the east coast for an Atlantic Seaboard first.  Duck sees chance to get Timur Tabi's autograph.
Aug99 A+ A+ A+ OS/2 Show Warpstock Europa 99 (  October 1-4, a big four-day show.  Click on the British flag for the English version.
Mar98 A   A+ A+ HTML Webmonkey ( If you're a webmaster who wears beads, hails from San Francisco or takes drugs, this is your site. Contains many developer links for HTML, JavaScript, PERL, more.
Mar99 B+ C   B- Utilities Welcome (  Goran Ivankovic's free OS/2 utilities.
Oct98 A+ A+ A- OS/2 Welcome to The Warped Site (  If there were a dozen sites like this, Win98 would be the laughingstock of the world.  Luc and Sylvie, a four-star quack for this superb job.
Sep99 A+ B   C+ Encyclopedia Whatis?com (  A great resource.  Go ahead --- look up "smileys".
Feb98 B   F   D   HTML Willcam's Comprehensive HTML Cross Reference ( Writing HTML by hand? Tired of flipping through books for the proper syntax? Every tag is defined here.
Jun98 A   A   B+ OS/2 The Wizard Of OS/2 ( Hoo boy, this guy likes to write. A good looking page with lots of links.
Mar99 B   F   C- Word Word2x for OS/2 -- The MS-Word Converter (  "Converts" MS-Word 6.0 and later.  Freeware.
Mar98 B+ A- A   Software The World Of OS/2 ( Lots of neat files on this underused site. Poke around awhile and find something useful.
Jun98 B+ F   B+ Programming Wotsit's Format ( A good collection of file formats are documented here. Wow! Even has PE and LX .exe formats.
Sep98 B   C   C   XFree86 XFree86 OS/2 ( Beyond techies, beyond power users, beyond guys who disassemble the kernel, you have XFree86.
Apr98 C   A   C   OS/2 Yahoo's OS/2 Links Page ( All nicely organized with not a single search word required.
Sep97 B   F   B+ Magazine ZDNet ( Ziff-Davis does give a bit of coverage to OS/2 (and see the July issue of PC Magazine, p. 202!). Choose "Find It", then "Find It Search", then "Search All of ZDNet", then (of course) "OS/2".
Mar98 B   C   B   Software ZOC ( ZOC Version 3.07 is now available. "Whazzat?" you say? If you don't know by now, pal, you don't need it.

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