A Simple Guide to Mesa 2 is one end user's guide through the world of Mesa 2.
Apartment v3.0
Astrac Visualizer Query for OS/2 provides a powerful way to build ad-hoc queries and reports from DB2 databases.
Astrolog is one of the most complete, and most flexible astrology calculation programs.
Beat/2 is the Swatch Beat, Internet Time indicator for OS/2.
The Command line Clipboard Access tool allows the OS/2 user to access the OS/2 clipboard from the command line.
Complite is true word-by-word comparison utilities for programming language source, ASCII, and data files.
ComSuite OS-Tools has OS/2 products that leverage the additional functionality of their communications device drivers.
DCITU for OS/2 allows images to be transferred via serial port from digital cameras to an OS/2-based computer.
Deskman/2 is an award winning desktop management suite for OS/2.
DeskTop Backup
Display File Systems (DFSee) is a generic partition and filesystem browser/analyser. DFSee supports partition-tables (FDISK), (V)FAT, FAT-32, HPFS, some NTFS stuff and it might support different file-systems like JFS and EXT2 in the future.
DHGrep is a text searching tool.
DH_ClipSave/2 is an OS/2 PM utility that saves text from the OS/2 clipboard directly to a file.
Dialog Enhancer '99 revamps your OS/2 Warp 4.0 dialogs and icons with a whole new look.
DiskCat is a Java based disk cataloger.
Don's Quips n Quotes is an OS/2 program that displays a quote, quip or tagline that is randomly selected.
DreckBak is a very simple utility to make it easy to establish a backup strategy for your OS/2 machine.
Enhanced E Editors
ePetmart is an OS/2 based business offering online pet supplies.
Escape GL is an OpenGL based 3-D screen saver.
FileBrowser is a file manager, web browser, and graphic viewer which supports Netscape plug-ins.
FileStar/2 is a highly customable graphical file manager.
FTPIFS is an FTP client that functions as a file system driver.
FTP Server is an FTP daemon for OS/2 featuring better security and symbolic links.
GammaTech Utilities is one of the essential collections of OS/2 utilities.
Gismo is a unique color coordinating utility for use with HTML.
GammaTech IRC is one of the best PM IRC clients.
Innovalue provides unique hardware components that are OS/2 compatible.
Indelible Blue computer systems give you complete control by custom-configuring your system to your specifications.
InetMail for OS/2 is a powerful and flexible POP3 and SMTP server.
Intensive Care Report Generator for IBM LAN/Warp Server
j-Chat is a Java based chat client and server.
Jasmine is an FTP front-end for uploading files such as when maintaining web sites.
jSyncManager is designed to allow users to easily synchronize information with Palm Computing Platform devices with any Java 1.1 platform.
Judy's Warped World is a comprehensive collection of OS/2 related links.
KidStuff/2 is a native OS/2 suite of ""edu-tainment"" programs for children.
Kon is a shareware PM text editor with hex-editing capabilities.
LAN Intensive Care Utilities for IBM LAN/Warp Server
LEEPS is a native OS/2 application to process and visualize 2D and 3D data sets.
LPTool enables file transfer and remote execution via a laplink cable connection between parallel ports of two machines running OS/2.
MIDI Station Sequencer is a native full-featured MIDI sequencer.
Mixomat is a Soundblaster 16/32/64 Mixer.
Moon Scape Designs will design and publish your web site, ensuring that your business or organization is presented to your customers in the professional demeanor that you strive to achieve.
NetOp is a multiplatform remote access software that supports OS/2.
NotaMusica lets you edit, play, and print music using OS/2.
OnCmd is an xBase compatible application development environment.
OpenChat/2 is 32-bit, multi-threaded PM IRC (Internet Relay Chat) client which takes full advantage of the OS/2 operating system, its WPS and other features only found in OS/2.
You too can participate in OS/2 Marketing with this premium bumper sticker in blue & black.
OS/2 News and Rumors
Jim Lewis has been writing programs for OS/2 since 1990, and has made many of the command line tools and games available for free. is one of the premier European OS/2 sites featuring news, hot downloads, and informative articles.
Pegasus Disk Technologies designs back-end storage management solutions using OS/2.
The Philadelphia Area Computer Society OS/2 SIG is one of the many active OS/2 groups across the country.
PMfax and FaxWorks OS/2, are the leading fax software products for the OS/2 platform.
PMStripper strips HTML codes from Web pages, leaving only the text and URLs.
Polywell Computers sells OS/2 compatible systems including AMD Athlon processors.
PopCD! is a `Pop Up CD-ROM/Removable media/Audio CD Object' Utility.
PowerUtilities 'Screen saver for OS/2' is a 32-bit screen saver for OS/2 featuring many animated displays.
Priority Master II for OS/2
QikBak is a powerful OS/2 backup program. This shareware can be registered for $1!
QuickMotion enables OS/2 users to play Quicktime movies with native OS/2 software.
The RC5 Team Warped is attempting a brute force crack of a 64-bit RC5 encrypted message.
RexxBos provides access to the keyboard, mouse, display, and other system devices through REXX.
RPF Zip Control is an OS/2 point and click front end to the freeware Info-ZIP utilities ZIP and UNZIP and to PKWARE's PKZIP for OS/2. Zip Control makes it easy to view and print the files in a .ZIP archive, extract files or create new archives.
SafeFire Firewall 1.0 is a Network Address Translation/Firewall solution for OS/2.
ScriptEase:Desktop is a powerful scripting language for the OS/2 desktop.
Server-to-Server Password Synchronizer
Seven LEAN Years: America's New High-Tech Underclass - When an OS/2 expert looks for a job, he finds hard times for the smart, the old, and the honest.
SFUtils (Startup Folder Utilities) consists of ObjWait and AppWait.
SFX Installer
Shepherd is a dynamic, object-oriented, extensible framework for developing high performance, minimal resource software servers.
SiteSurfer builds a java based search, index, and map of your or other websites.
Smack! is the first general purpose labeling program designed from the ground up for OS/2.
Styler/2 is a user interface enhancer for OS/2.
Team OS/2 is strong in Spain.
The Graham Utilities is the largest, most comprehensive collection of OS/2 utilities.
Scandinavian OS/2 Shareware Registration Service.
The Wall changes background images and/or color at user-set intervals.
The World of OS/2 Warp features tips and techniques for OS/2, the WPS, and more!
ThermoProtect monitors system temperature, fan speed, and voltage.
Tyra/2 is an easy to use OS/2 config.sys file editor.
UniMaint provides a suite of utilities designed to allow you to maintain your OS/2 Workplace Shell, including automated repair of INI files, facilities for displaying and editing EAs, Desktop backup and restore, and portable Desktop backups.
Voyager VRML Plug-in Voyager, OS/2 Warp's Premier VRML 97 Netscape Plugin, lets you explore the vast world of VRML.
VyperHelp is a visual outliner and editor for creating online help for OS/2-based systems.
The WarpUP! CD contains everything you need to update OS/2 Warp with an easy to use browser interface.
Weasel is a POP3 and SMTP server that lets you run your computer as an e-mail Post Office.
WiseTalker is an industrial strength multi-phone line package for your company's auto attendant, message central, interactive voice response, and FAX on demand applications.
XDS (eXtensible Development System) is the name of a proprietary compiler costruction framework that we use to create compilers, converters to C/C++, analyzers, and other language tools, mostly on a custom basis.
ZTreeBold is a text-mode file/directory manager for OS/2.