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Powerful terminal communications and remote control, perfectly integrated into one easy-to-use, highly programmable software package.

HyperACCESS Pro is the most comprehensive OS/2 communications software ever available for PC-to-PC remote control or accessing BBSs, Internet telnet sites, online services, and host computers through modems, the Internet or LANs. The top-of-the-line product from Hilgraeve, the leading OS/2 communications software manufacturer since 1989, HyperACCESS Pro is 100% native 32-bit code, and fully exploits OS/2 multiple threads, semaphores, and GUI. Itís the ultimate OS/2 communications program.

HyperACCESS Pro shows its award-winning heritage with:

integration graph
HyperACCESS Pro brings it all together to give you a solution with unparalleled flexibility, security, and convenience.

The versatility to tackle all your online needs

HyperACCESS Pro makes accessing BBSs, online services, and Internet telnet sites easy, yet gives you the power and depth to achieve your enterprise-wide connectivity goals:

Automate - Perform any online access process, even multi-site polling applications or unattended file transfers, hands-free!
Customize - Define custom buttons or keys for your own use, or to simplify online processes for employees or customers.
Access Hosts - Access virtually any host computer that supports asynchronous terminals.
Transfer Files - Ship files to or from remote PCs or host computers, fast and error-free.
Remote Maintenance - Solve problems or do routine software maintenance on distant OS/2 PCs, without leaving your office
Remote Support - Provide training or technical support to other OS/2 PC users through a modem, the Internet, or LANs.
Application/Resource Sharing - Put shared data applications or hardware resources (databases, compilers, CDROMs, printers) on a common PC to be accessed by others through LANs or modems.
Remote LAN Access - Dial in to a PC connected to your LAN, to use e-mail, host connections, check progress of backups, etc.
Telecommuting - Operate your work PC from home or on the road.

With the ease and convenience you want!

Whether youíre accessing online systems, host computers, or remote PCs, youíll find setup easy, thanks to built-in support for 100s of modems and automatic port detection. Itís guaranteed to work with your modem or your money back.

You can use baud rates up to 57,600 bps through COM1-COM4 with standard OS/2 drivers, or up to 115,200 bps with 3rd party drivers such as SIO.SYS (a shareware copy is included). Or connect easily through direct serial cable connections, the Internet, TCP/IP, NetBIOS, or SPX/IPX networks, multi-port boards, or serial cables.

HyperACCESS Pro phonebook screen

Create or edit Phonebook entries with a few simple clicks. Comes with ready-to-use entries for CompuServe, MCI Mail, and many more. Just double-click an entry to start communicating.

Get instant results with CommSense!

You can access new systems just by entering their phone numbers or Internet addresses. CommSenseģ (pat. pending) figures out settings for you, or lets you continue to set parameters manually.

Faster File Transfer

Our software has always led the pack for fast, reliable file transfers. You get outstanding performance with all the popular transfer protocols - Zmodem, Xmodem, Ymodem, Ymodem-G, 1K-Xmodem, CompuServe B+, Kermit, and HyperProtocol - the fastest of all, now with auto-start and crash recovery.

HyperACCESS Pro file transfer screen

HyperProtocol transfers data through modems at several times their rated speed, and our Zmodem is the fastest available.

Block-Buster Automation

Records your interaction with remote systems, generating ready-to-use REXX programs, so you don't have to be a programmer. But it you are a programmer, you'll be thrilled with HyperACCESS Pro's complete API, which lets you drive the program with REXX, C, C++ or any language. You can automate any communications process, even develop your own, custom font end!

Keyboard Mapping

You can redefine nearly every key, to customize your terminal emulators, issue any series of characters, or launch script programs.

Customizable Buttons

Use time-saving predefined buttons to perform communications processes with a single click! Create your own buttons with text or graphic labels, to issue keystrokes, make selections, or start scripts.

HyperACCESS Pro REXX recording screen

Ulike previous communications programs which come with proprietary script languages, HyperACCESS Pro automatically generates REXX scripts. The resulting program is ready to use, so you're never forced to become a programmer. You can assign programs to keys or buttons, and use either text or bitmapped buttons.

Best Terminal Emulation Available

Emulate ANSI with color and keyboard support, VT-52, VT-100, VT-220, and VT-320 with 132-column and double-high, double-wide character support, CompuServe, TTY, and IBM3101 with protected and block modes, and IBM3278 asynchronous. Get unprecedented speed and accuracy with all the features you expect and need!

Detailed Call Log

HyperACCESS Pro logs all connections, disconnections, and file transfers. You can have one composite log file or a separate log file for each system you call.

Amazing Backscroll

Lets you see information that has scrolled off the terminal screen. Each system has its own Backscroll, which is saved between sessions. You can refer to information received in the current or previous calls.

Unique Lists Panel

Scroll through huge lists of online systems and place calls with one mouse click. Comes with predefined lists of 1000s of ready-to-call online systems, including OS/2 BBSs, Internet service providers, and more. Get larger, updated lists free, or create your own (for example, using the HOSTS file required for many TCP/IP networks).

See Graphics Files On the Fly

You can see graphics appear as you download them, so you can keep receiving those you like, or cancel those you donít.

Now with easy remote control

You get the most powerful terminal communications and perfectly integrated OS/2 remote control, all in one easy-to-use, highly programmable software package - from the most respected name in OS/2 communications software! HyperACCESS Pro displays the full OS/2 desktop of the remote PC on your screen, under control of your mouse and keyboard. Anything that you can do on a PC with OS/2, you can now do remotely through a modem, serial cable, Internet, or LAN. You can:

remote control screens

Answering Calls is This Easy!

Not only can you control othersí OS/2 PCs, you can also let them control yours! HyperACCESS Pro comes with HyperHost, a powerful host program that can accept data calls from anyone with terminal communications software, through modems, serial cable, Internet, or LAN. Authorized callers can transfer files and do file management, and callers with HyperACCESS Pro can operate your OS/2 desktop and programs, just as you can run theirs! HyperHost can answer calls while youíre there or away, on as needed basis or around the clock! When youíre present, you can chat with callers (using keyboards), take turns controlling your PC, or control it together. Or you can continue using your PC, while callers transfer files in the background.

HyperHost comes ready to roll. Easy menus let you set it up however you want. Make it an open system, where anyone can call and define their own password, or a closed system that admits only callers with passwords you dole out. Define a few passwords or 1000s, each with its own privileges. Options include:

HyperACCESS Pro and HyperHost incorporates new remote control technology based on code we pioneered in our 16-bit OS/2 remote control program, KopyKat. Our new technology takes full advantage of 32-bit OS/2 and multithreading to create a 32-bit multi-channel data link that gives you improved multitasking, reliability, and security through any type of connection - modem, serial cable, Internet or LAN.

A Complete Remote Control Solution!

Every package contains an extra HyperHost (manual, disks and license!) for use on the OS/2 PC that you want to control remotely

Free with Purchase!


Automatically sets your computer's clock against the US Government Atomic Clock

Weather Report

Displays current national weathermap from the US Government BBS


High-performance shareware OS/2 comm driver supports up to 115,200 bps

OS/2 On-Call

A list of more than 300 ready-to-call OS/2 BBSs

Download the HyperACCESS Pro Test Drive!

The Test Drive is a full function version of HyperACCESS Pro. It has some limitations that make it inappropriate for continuous use, but it should give you plenty of opportunity to try out all of the features that you've heard about. It is distributed in the following two files


We distribute HyperACCESS Pro for OS/2 Test Drive in two files so that you can copy it to floppies and more easily distribute it to your friends and associates.


How to purchase HyperACCESS Pro Version 7.0

The list price of HyperACCESS Pro Version 7.0 is $199.00 ($US). You can contact Hilgraeve for availability and special offers. You can also purchase the product at many fine retailers including Micro Center, J&R Computer Center, Elek-Tek,Fry's Electronics, Indelible Blue, OS/2 Express, Softmart, PC Connection, Programmers Paradise, Provantage, Programmers Shop, Stream International, Cosmos/2, OS+, Office Solutions, and Software City.


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