SCOUG OS/2 For You - May 1998

Warpstock '98 Will Be In Chicago

Oct. 16-18

SCOUG members are well aware of what Warpstock is all about. Our volunteers played a major role when the first Warpstock was held last fall in Diamond Bar. This year, it's moving to Chicago where a group of enthusiastic organizers led by Timothy Sipples are preparing for another big event.

In a Nutshell, What to Expect

The goal of Warpstock '98 is to unite OS/2 Warp users who wish to learn more about OS/2 applications, Java, REXX, and networking for our favorite operating system.

Through a series of seminars, presented by leading experts, attendees will be able to choose among a variety of topics, both technical and introductory. OS/2 vendors will be exhibiting, so you'll be able to talk directly to your favorite software companies. Tours of Chicago-area businesses using OS/2 Warp will provide additional insight into how OS/2 plays a key role in the marketplace.

There will be social activities, as well, of course. In fact, OS/2 fans from far and wide are expected to attend Warpstock '98. It will be a great place to connect with old friends and make new ones.

Save Money and Register Now

October may seem a long way off, but registration for Warpstock '98 has already begun. There are several registration options, but the best is $40 if you register by May 31st. And, it doesn't hurt to start making your travel plans. Hotel and travel planning information is already available through the Warpstock '98 web site.

Make Yourself Useful

As expected, volunteers are welcome. For lots of things, location isn't an issue - there's plenty that can be taken care of no matter where you physically are. So, if you want work on the preparations for Warpstock '98 (or actually at the event), send your name, phone number, and e-mail address to (While you're at it, let them know you're a member of SCOUG.)

On the home front, SCOUG's board of directors is currently looking at ways SCOUG can actively participate in Warpstock '98. Just because it's more than half way across the country doesn't mean we shouldn't be in the forefront. That means SCOUG will probably be needing some Warpstock related volunteers of its own. Talk to your favorite board member if you have ideas, time, or both.

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