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The Win32-OS/2 Project

Presented by Peter Skye

From the Win32-OS/2 Home Page:

The Win32-OS/2 Project is software that allows an end user to run Win95/98/NT (a.k.a. Win32) programs on OS/2 Warp, as if they were 100% native OS/2 applications, without needing Windows or Win-OS/2 support installed. The program is indistinguishable from normal native OS/2 applications, except for the fact that it won't take advantage of certain OS/2-specific features, like WPS integration. However, it may actually run better under OS/2 than under Windows, because OS/2 is faster, needs less memory, and has better multithreading.

  1. Introduction and Concept
    • The problem.
    • Why the problem exists.
    • The project.
      1. Time frame.
      2. Major players.
    • Completion goals.

  2. Converting a Windows 95/98/NT program to an OS/2 executable.
    • Types of Windows programs.
    • Installing the Win32-OS/2 converter.
    • Installing the Windows program.
    • Running the conversion.
    • Running the converted program.
    • Load-time conversion.

  3. Planning for the future with Win32-OS/2.
    • Corporate requirements.
    • Home-office requirements.
    • Legal concerns.
    • Financial considerations.

  4. Inside the conversion: What happens, how it works, what the compiler did.
    • How the loader works.
    • Windows executable formats.
    • OS/2 executable formats.
    • Converting one format to the other.
    • How the compiler creates the executable.
    • Writing your own compiler.

  5. Disassembling the executable.
    • Using SNOOPER.
    • Using SNOOP II.
    • Using DEBUG.
    • Writing your own disassembler.

  6. Reference:

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